CARLA 2018 will be host in the Guatiguara Techonology Park (PTG) of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), at Guatiguará Valley in Piedecuesta is part of the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Area (30min from Downtown).


Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS)

  • Founded in 1948 (Following the German/French Polytechnic Model) – Next Year 70 Anniversary
  • Public State University
  • 8 Campus in the Department
    • 4 in Bucaramanga
    • 4 in Other Regional Cities
  • 25000 Students
  • 530 Faculty

Guatiguará Valley is the main site for Research, Development and Innovation addressed to Energy, Oil, Gas and Materials in Colombia.

Guatiguará (from oldest chibcha language) mains “where the savant rest in tranquility”.

Guatiguará Valley hosts the Colombian Petroleum Institute of Ecopetrol (ICP-Ecopetrol).

In PTG UIS exists 3 National Corporations (Corrosion and Materials, Gas and Asphalts), more than 10 R&D laboratories and the the National Subsoil reservoir of the Geologic Colombian Service.

In PTG of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) is placed the main site of the Colombia Advanced Computing Center (CACC).

About Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga is the 5th City in Colombia
Capital of Santander Department
1’000.000 Habitants
1000 M // 18° C to 27° C all Year
Is the 2nd City in Colombia with more economical growth (After Medellin) (Forbes Dec/2016)
Bucaramanga is known as “Ciudad Bonita” or “Ciudad de los Parques”)

How to come to Bucaramanga?

In Flight to Bogota (El Dorado International Airport (Code BOG))
More than 70 International Flights from different cities in America (Capitals and secondary cities)
i.e.: Buenos Aires – Bogota (4 Flights by day), Mexico City –Bogota (6 Flights by day), Sao Pablo –Bogota (2 Flights by day), Rio de Janeiro – Bogota (2 Flights by day), Santiago de Chile – Bogota (4 Flights by day), San José de Costa Rica – Bogota (2 Flights by day)…

Partnership airlines to publish in March 2018

In Flight to Bucaramanga ((Palonegro International Airport (Code BGA))
9 Avianca flights from Bogota by day
4 Latam Flights from Bogota by day
6 Copa flights from Panama by week (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday)
4 Low costs flights from Bogota and Medellin by day.


How to host in Bucaramanga?

Close to PTG

  • SONESTA Hotel. (Calle 27 #29-145, Floridablanca, Santander). Official #CARLA2018 Buses will be available from this hotel. Reservations:



In Bucaramanga

  • More than 20 cheaper recommended hotels (and 10 hostels) (30min car or bus)
  • A lot of AirBnB offers!
  • A Beer in a Bar: U$ 2.0 /2.5 Dollars
  • Taxi from Airport to Bucaramanga: U$ 12.0 Dollars